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Salt Modern Poets
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198 x 129mm

To An Occupier Burning Holes


Formally-innovative, wildly-inventive, comic, surreal and poignant – Evans’s poetry is a restless delight as he tackles almost any subject from lost invoices, hearing aids, fruit flies, migration, bin lorries, bullet-pierced road signs, to love’s strains and pleasures. As entertaining as they are impressive, these poems are in and of the physical world, brimming with ideas and passion and sharing it all with real panache.

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‘Whether on love, raspberries, loss, long journeys or CAPCHAs Evans brings a mordantly funny and wise sensibility to bear on our lives. By which I mean our lives, the stories we tell about them and the scripts we tend to live by. Do we believe it, any of it, can we get off the script and see clearly? And yes, if we focus and write into that honesty, steer into the skid, breathe into the pain. And it’s this toughness, as much as anything else, which makes this such a poignant and genuinely romantic collection, immune to “pragmatism like a ticket inspector”, the almost unbearable hope and love that persists. This is a vital collection and these are Evans’ best poems yet, painfully well observed and beautifully alive.’ —Luke Kennard

‘“Haibun for a Son, Cooking” snagged my heart with its rendering of a warm and tender family relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with its father and son … Here is a connection that has, as with advanced cooking skills, been honed and nurtured over many years. For me, this is writing that’s not only beautiful but healing.’ —John McCullough