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The Paradoxes of Water


Covering more than thirty years of writing, this landmark publication shows the depth and range of Rod Moran’s poetic life. Well-travelled, tough-minded and unwavering in its moral vision, Moran’s poetry is filled with concern for historical, social and political identity, as well as a delight in and concern for the natural and man-made worlds. He ensures for us the serious responsibility of being here.

Praise for this Book

‘Rod Moran is an original, independent-minded poet of considerable technical control and range. Though recognised in his home country of Australia, he deserves an international readership. He defies categorisation.’ —John Kinsella

Reviews of this Book

‘... he aims high ... the results are remarkable.’ —The Sydney Morning Herald

‘One of Australia’s most exciting and talented ... poets ... His poetry of a crossing of the country is written with the power and feeling of Randolph Stow, making the most of an ability to conjure images of physical beauty – and the things we do to that beauty ... (It) is thought-provoking, stylish poetry ...

’ —The Daily News

‘Moran’s poetry should attract a wider audience, not only because it is very good poetry in itself but also because of what it represents. It is a poetry of highly developed technique ... Moran is concerned with using poetic technique properly, with both a richness of image, language, rhythm, metaphor and rhyme and the maximum possible clarity of language ... In particular, it is a poetry of strength and meaning. Rod Moran is one of a number of writers whose work heralds a new and much more promising direction in Australian poetry.’ —Westerly