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The Fantasy Kid


The Fantasy Kid collects together Rupert Loydell's poems for children, teenagers and the young-at-heart, all of which have been test-driven by the author at schools, festivals, libraries and readings around the country. Whether making excuses at school, pondering questions about the nature of chocolate, serenading slugs, saying good bye to a starfish, introducing us to Doctor Fizz and Alvin the Aardvark, or remembering holidays with distant relatives, these poems are witty, irreverent, memorable and odd – although this book has a serious side too … Look out! The Fantasy Kid is coming to your town, and your world will never be the same again.

Praise for this Book

‘Rupert Loydell's writing for young people is full of fun, and intelligence, and above all possibility: the possibilities of what language can do, of what poetry is for, of what words can achieve. There's compassion here, and empathy and, dare I say it, love.’ —Ian McMillan

‘Like The Fantasy Kid himself, Rupert Loydell chews language like gum, playing with the taste and feel of words as he rolls them round his tongue. Enjoy the taste and savour the flavours.’ —Paul Cookson