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Tim Vine

The Electric Dwarf

The Electric Dwarf


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A ‘Withnail’ for the twenty-first century

Tim Vine’s satirical thriller appears to revolve around the dysfunctional lives of Norman and Peter – the latter becoming an accidental terrorist. Driven by his warped religious tendencies and mental illness, Peter is encouraged by none other than the singer Rick Astley, who instructs and leads him during most excellent recurring dreams.

Along the bizarre journey we explore a cult, infidelity, drug abuse, frustration, extremism, all tinged by a strong awareness of the weirdness of late-Capitalist society.

Praise for this Book

‘Bizarre but impossible to put down, a truly original voice.’ —Rebecca Newman, contributing editor, GQ Magazine

‘Tim Vine reminds me of a ten-day-holiday on a tropical island: concise, sunny, memorable, natural and expensive.’ —August Darnell aka Kid Creole

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