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Poetry by individual poets
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Order of the Ordinary


Order of the Ordinary brings three of Joe Francis Doerr’s longer cycles, Letters to Woodhenge, Corrigenda, and F U TH A R K 2K, together with many shorter sequences and individual poems of varying length. In a collection of wide thematic and chronological proportions, the prehistoric, the medieval, and the contemporary are surveyed with equal awe and a sense of possibility. Pop culture inhabits the same intellectual terrain as the classical, and languages alien to one another attempt to make sense of themselves through experiments in meta-translation. Primarily concerned with what we know, or believe we know, of the world, Doerr questions the ways we have traditionally ordered and articulated information. In Order of the Ordinary, he invites readers to suspend their preconceptions, and offers a glimpse of his own unique revoicing of experience.

Praise for this Book

‘I deeply admire Joe Doerr’s work for its invention, ambition, variety and independence. He belongs to no particular school or movement but writes with great authority in a number of modes. The publication of his first book is an important event.’ —John Matthias

‘Disturbs all the codes.’ —John Kinsella