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Poetry by individual poets
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Horse Whispering in the Military Industrial Complex


Horse Whispering is the introduction to a poetic renaissance – it rocks the boat of poetry and yet rocks the cradle of song like a forgotten lullaby. Its revelatory, musical language is accessible and challenging, wild and formal, energetic and sensitive, radical and traditional, as old as the hills and as new as tomorrow. Hiphop sonnets fuse with primal screams and rococo villanelles – fast cars and vigilantes, sabre teeth and prison tales, sit alongside dying breaths and mother’s epiphanies; prophecies and satirical nonsenses vie for space with incantations, pseudo-rants and messianic monologues. Forms are lost and found. The music of poetry is reignited. A lyrical renaissance fuses Eminem with Shakespeare, Freddie Mercury with Lewis Carroll, Steven Berkoff with Dylan Thomas. Impossible futures and ideals clash with nightmare scenarios of genome madness and heart-withering idiocy.

It’s a cry from the heart of the wilderness, a lamentation from the deep, an exhortation from the other side, an alarm bell from the kingdom, a bloody exciting skull-peel of a read. It’s the first concept album of poetry. It’s a neutron bomb. In it the silence is articulate at last. Poetry has long been Radio 3 waiting for Classic fm to happen. Welcome to Kiss fm, Radio 1 and Classic fm rolled into one! It’s the Eminem of literature, the Muhammad Ali of the word.

Praise for Previous Work

‘Full of surprises, life and art.’ —Ted Hughes

‘His poetry is a revelation.’ —The Scotsman

‘Wells is superb.’ —Richard Morrison, The Times

‘The REAL poet Laureate.’ —Radio Five Live