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Gerri Brightwell

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter


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A fast-paced, darkly funny crime novel set in Interior Alaska that follows down-on-his-luck cabbie, Mike Fisher, as he searches for his daughter.

Her step-father has been shot in her bathroom, and Fisher thinks she killed him and fled. In a panic he tries to hide the body, but that’s not easy when it’s fifty-below outside.

Things get dangerously complicated when it turns out step-dad was part of a local militia, and now they’re on Fisher’s tail.

Dead of Winter evokes the harshness of winter in the ­­­sub‑arctic and the intrigue fostered in a bored, trapped and socially circumscribed small-town community.

Reviews of this Book

‘Brightwell uses the present tense, third person but from Fisher’s perspective throughout, skilfully taking an initially unappealing protagonist and building interest in the outcome. The constraints of a small and isolated community at what feels like the edge of civilisation form a powerful backdrop to the story of a very ordinary man fighting for his life.’ —Chris Roberts, Crime Review

Praise for Previous Work

‘An uncanny thriller.’ —Publishers Weekly

‘Extremely atmospheric.’ —Janet Gleeson, author of The Thief Taker

‘A hypnotic spell of a novel.’ —Laura Dietz, author of In the Tenth House

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