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Calum Kerr

Braking Distance

Braking Distance


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Motorway Service Stations are places where people pass through on their way to somewhere else: somewhere better, somewhere brighter. But every traveller has a tale to tell, a story of their own, and sometimes they're not what you'd expect. Braking Distance is a glimpse beneath the surface. It brings you love, death, lust, loss, betrayal, belonging, murder, aliens and a time-travelling adventuress being chased by a dastardly foe!

This collection is made up of loosely connected stories, all occurring in the same place at the same time, sprawling out across different genres, styles, perspectives and emotions. The camera swings from place to place, and over the course of eighteen short stories, builds up a picture which is surprising, exciting and strange.

Reviews of this Book

‘Calum Kerr’s flash fictions are funny and moving and leap off the page with all the immediacy and urgency with which they were written.’ —David Gaffney

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