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A Leaf About to Fall


İlhan Berk has been called a literary Midas: everything he touches turns to poems. A Leaf About To Fall: Selected Poems shows us, for the first time in English, the full linguistic range and imaginative power of Turkey’s greatest experimental poet. With over 200 poems drawn from more than half a century of work, A Leaf About To Fall offers a unique and indispensable portal into the world of İlhan Berk. Berk’s poems quiver and spark with a language always pressing out against its own skin: sensual, erotic, strange and intimate, relaxed and humorous; poems in which smells, tastes, sights, sounds, and touch become the preludes for a reawakening of history, the body, the very world around us. If Berk himself is concerned with re-engaging a lost sensory world, then for many A Leaf About To Fall will be a journey of discovery.

Reviews of this Book

‘After more than half a century of poetry, Turkey’s Grand Old Man of literature is still its Enfant Terrible.’ —World Litrature Today

‘… one of Turkish poetry’s most distinctive and necessary voices.’ —World Literature Today