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101 Ways to Make Books Sell


Clear a path for your book

101 Ways to Make Books Sell, brings Hamilton-Emery’s popular writing on publishing completely up-to-date with new features on social media, recent web developments and the joys and pitfalls of online advertising. Long regarded as an indispensable guide for emerging writers and publishers, produced in a B-format pocket edition you can carry with you and, without doubt, wear out with use.

101 Ways to Make Books Sell is an insider’s guide to the book business, focusing on the issues that matter: building profile, finding readers and selling books. Hamilton-Emery offers practical and hard-earned advice about the ins and outs of marketing books and driving sales. Whether you are a novice or an established writer, this book provides you with over a hundred tools and techniques to help sell your books, keep your publisher and build a readership around the world.

With three decade’s experience in international publishing, working as a senior manager and consultant within blue chip companies, Hamilton-Emery offers a frank, funny and insightful tour of the world of publishing. Every step of the way you’re offered gems of advice, along with tips and tools you can put into practice straight away, many of them for free, and all of them geared to getting your books into the hands of the people that truly matter: your readers.

Includes step by step advice on:

Making submissions, including ‘50 dos and don’ts’

Getting reviews, readings and residencies

Collaboration, competition and contacts

The writing scene, power and publicity

The uses and abuses of social media

Reviews of this Book

‘Chris Hamilton-Emery’s list of fifty pointers [about submitting your work] deserves to be pinned up over your desk.’ —Richard Bell, Writing Magazine

‘Its witty and informative, no-nonsense approach is exactly what is needed.’ —Rupert Loydell, Stride Magazine