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Humorous stories (Children’s/Teenage)
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198 x 129mm

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Sunny and the Ghosts


Sometimes, when you open a door or lift a lid, you find exactly what you expected to find: coats in the coat cupboard, bread in the bread bin, toys in the toy box. And sometimes you don’t.

When Sunny’s parents buy an antique shop, they get more than they bargained for: in some of the old furniture, Sunny finds ghosts. Each of the ghosts has an unfulfilled desire, something they never did in their lifetime: Walter wants to learn to read, Violet wants to write a novel, Mary and Elsie want to go to the seaside. While Sunny is trying to help them all, it seems someone else is out to cause trouble…

Praise for Previous Work

‘There is an insistent, rhythmic quality to Moore’s writing, and a dark imagination at work.’ —Genevieve Fox, Daily Mail

‘Moore's distinctive voice commands exceptional power.’ —Dinah Birch, The Guardian

‘Impressive and memorable.’ —Merric Davidson, The New Writer

‘It deserves to be read, and reread.’ —Isabel Berwick, Financial Times