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Crime & mystery
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198 x 129mm

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A Place of Safety


A boy exiles himself from his family through a shocking act of violence. Years later, having built a new life he returns to try to understand his past. He attempts to reconcile with his family but the closer he gets to them, the more he sets the course for disaster.

Starting at the point of the final tragedy, we discover through four narrators the fabric of lies on which all their live were built, and how deep wounds can go.

Praise for this Book

‘Martin writes with the cool-eyed precision of a young Muriel Spark. The worlds he creates are slightly off-centre, yet recognisably our own; his writing tells us, in a subtle, entertaining and skewering style, a great deal about our selves and our everyday delusions.’ —Beth Miller

Reviews of this Book

‘★★★★★ I really loved this book and found that although it wasn’t a fast-paced story, the characters really came alive and I felt I knew all of them. It begins and ends with a tragedy that involves all four narrators and ties them all together. I liked the writer’s style and he brought all the characters and their stories to life. Atmospheric and believable.’ —Nudge Book Magazine