JustOneBook – Fundraising for Salt’s future

JustOneBook – Fundraising for Salt’s future

Salt has faced significant challenges over the past few yers: the dramatic impact of Brexit on our exports to Ireland and Europe has seen the introduction of huge amounts of red tape and bureaucracy – increasing the cost of paper and cover board as well as introducing punishing customs charges for our readers abroad. Then the repeated lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic had dramatic effects on the book trade and on sales through our website. Salt’s book sales have declined by 82%.

We’ve managed to maintain our publishing programme, bringing you some astonishing new works, but at an enormous cost. The impact of Brexit and the pandemic will have a continuing effect on us as we attempt redesign and refresh our publishing.

Over the past twenty-three years, like so many small presses, Salt has faced difficulties, yet these current circumstances are perhaps the worst our small team has had to cope with. We now need your help to raise funds to invest in new writers and new books. At a time of immense change and violence in Europe and around the world, the voice of great writers needs to be heard.

We are asking you, our readers around the UK, to buy just one book, that’s all it will take to help us secure the funds to publish more wonderful novels, short stories and poetry. Works the world needs in these troubled times.

If you want to help but are located outside the UK, and cannot afford the high customs charges affecting our export sales, you can buy one of our books from any local bookshop. However, if you are in the UK, do please browse our website now and buy #JustOneBook. If you can’t afford it with the cost of living crisis, we understand, and a simple tweet or status update on social media in support of us will help us find the cash to keep the presses rolling.

Thank you so much for helping us, with just £10 from you, and a great book in your hands, we know we can help everyone build a safer, culturally richer, future.

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