Employment scams affecting the literary community

Employment scams

It’s come to our attention that a significant number of people have recently successfully applied for new roles at Salt, across a range of jobs. Sadly, this is a scam. There are no vacancies at Salt and we are not hiring. We don’t know who is behind the scam, but do please be aware we are not involved in any way. Vacancies are always advertised on our website here: https://www.saltpublishing.com/pages/careers

What to look out for

The scam may involve receiving a text message via LinkedIn from someone advertising a job as a transcriptionist. You may told to have a Skype interview with another individual for this position. This may eventually lead to a job offer, containing our logo and publishing history, and an employment letter and forms sent from from careers@saltbookspublishing.com – this isn't our domain. You may be instructed that you will receive a payment and a request to send further payments to third parties. You may additionally be offered a new laptop and access to software to perform the job. This is all fake.

Protect yourself now

We sincerely hope you have not been affected by this scam and if you have, do please ensure that you take steps to protect and secure your personal information.