Aidan Semmens launches Salt Modern Poets

Aidan Semmens launches Salt Modern Poets

THURSDAY, 13 OCTOBER 2022 AT 20:00

A Zoom reading celebrating the relaunch of Salt Modern Poets

Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana, Ken Evans and Aidan Semmens read from their forthcoming Salt collections

Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana’s first collection, Sing Me Down From the Dark explores the highs and lows of a ten-year sojourn in Japan, two international marriages, a homecoming, and the struggles of cross-cultural relationships. It is full of light and dark, as if the writer herself has been caught off guard in the making of these poems.

Ken Evans’s To An Occupier Burning Holes is formally innovative, wildly inventive, comic, surreal and poignant, tackling subjects from lost invoices to hearing aids, fruit flies to migration, bullet-pierced road signs to love’s strains and pleasures.

Aidan Semmens’s startling new collection The Jazz Age is a sequence of surreal fantasies featuring a motley cast of famous figures from (mostly) the past, sometimes singly, sometimes in unlikely combinations. While the poems are incongruous and laugh-out-loud funny, much darker elements are also at play.
All three books will be published by Salt Publishing on 15th October.

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