A new day dawns

A new day dawns

Friday, 5th July – it’s a day of big changes. I’ve been working intensely on the Salt’s new website over the past week – and I hope you enjoy its new design and features, including an expanded ‘mega menu’ (with author listings fully restored), enhanced team and sales information, new catalogues and more.

As I write this, we have a huge change in our political destiny in the UK – but Salt’s big news is the first meeting with our new international sales team: Bill Bailey Publishers’ Representatives (not that Bill Bailey). We discussed our top thirty bestselling novels, explored our contracts with German and Swiss wholesalers, the French markets, Croatia and Italy, Turkey – and conducted a large survey of all Salt’s export markets.

In line with the huge changes today, for the first time in a while,

I begin to feel genuine confidence in growing our sales – getting rid of all the damaging Brexit red tape and bureaucracy that has caused British publishing such damage. It feels like we have now turned a corner and can look forward to revitalising our European exports – I love this part of my job.

This year, we’re investing tens of thousands in supporting sales through booksellers, developing our campaigns and publicity – all to take the Salt to the next level. It’s both exciting and terrifying. But mostly exciting. I’ll be sharing monthly updates in our newsletter, you can sign up for that on the website.

For now, thanks for all your support – and happy reading!

My best to you all

Christopher Hamilton-Emery

A poet and writer, Christopher leads all operations at Salt and has worked in publishing for over thirty years. His latest book is Modern Fog (Arc Publications, 2024).


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