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Andrea Heiberg was accidentally born a few yards from Karen Blixen's home in Denmark on Hemmingway's birthday in 1955, a fortuitous beginning. Award-winning playwright and writer, her plays have been performed on Danish television and for local amateur theatre. In 2006, after walking the Camino in Spain, she had a compulsion to write her storybut in English. After almost thirty years of teaching, Heiberg moved to Sejer Island, a place that continues to inspire her love of writing.


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Andrea Heiberg was accidentally born a few yards from Karen Blixen’s home in Denmark on Hemmingway’s birthday in 1955. When she was young she liked to imitate Karen Blixen because of her resemblance to the writer. Her love of theatre, comedia dell’arte, funny masks, and make-up prompted her to become a theatre make-up artist. She was a fan of the Italian playwright and performer Dario Fo who visited Denmark back then.

In 1979 Heiberg graduated as a teacher and settled down. She hadn’t fancied writing that much because she enjoyed reading, but she began writing plays for her school and found the process intriguing. Her school plays featuring her drama class ended up airing on Danish television twice, back when there was only one channel in Denmark. It was hard work, and she didn’t get paid extra, so she continued writing shorter plays, this time for a local amateur theatre.

In 1986 Heiberg won first prize (among 72 competitors) with a play for a theatre in Copenhagen. She wrote three Danish plays altogether that year, and one play, Kulsoen, is still available for sale in Denmark. After that, she didn’t write anything until 1992 when she won second prize with a short story.

In 2006 and 2007 Heiberg wrote a book manuscript about walking the Camino in Spain and she wrote in English though Danish is her native language. She continued to write short stories and a poem now and then also in English.

In 2008 after almost 30 years of teaching Heiberg moved to Sejer Island and this place inspired her to write several more short stories.

Coincidence or not, for a writer born near Blixen, sharing the same birthday as Hemingway, Heiberg’s writing is influenced by her two favourite authors—namely Blixen’s storytelling, her flow, her competence of picking stories people care to read, and Hemmingway’s strength in dialogue, and his limited use of adjectives.


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