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A Place to Stop, Susan Wicks


In the idyllic little village of Champfleury in south-west France, a web of lives interconnect, ready to unravel at the first touch. Into this world comes a walker who speaks to no one and moves on, but the smallest of his actions changes everything, and for everyone in this small community nothing will ever be the same.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

Burnt Island, Alice Thompson


Burnt island is about a literary novelist, Max Long, who wins a fellowship to Burnt island to write his next novel. He ends up staying with the very successful novelist James Fairfax whose wife had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Max also suspects James has not written the novel that has made James his fortune.In a desperate attempt to make more money himself Max decides to compromise his literary talent by writing a horror bestseller. Recently divorced and mentally unstable he starts to see disturbing events on the island which take the form of the horror he is struggling to write.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

Clara’s Daughter, Meike Ziervogel


A psychological thriller about the archetypal mother-daughter duel for power. Michele is a successful business woman with a troubled private life. When she moves her elderly mother, Clara, into the basement, her husband slams the door and disappears into the night. Eventually, Clara – the controlling matriarch – finds a way to release her daughter. But can Michele release herself?
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

Deaf at Spiral Park, Kieran Devaney


Deaf at Spiral Park is about a bear that shaves off his fur to join humanity. The antagonist, a recruitment consultant, dies several times, and, ultimately, this teaches her nothing. This is a fresh and original novel which remains accessible and funny in spite of its experimental and philosophical concerns.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

Entertaining Strangers, Jonathan Taylor


Jonathan Taylor’s debut novel, Entertaining Strangers, is a tragi-comedy about the eccentric Edwin Prince – a depressive intellectual obsessed with high culture … and ants.
Price: £9.99 (£9.99 Inc. VAT)

Ghost Moon, Ron Butlin


Set mostly in the early 1950s, this is a highly fictionalised account of an unmarried woman’s struggle with her family and with society at large during her pregnancy and the years following. This was unforgiving, post-war Britain. The novel is a tribute to her courage, her strength and determination.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

Habit, Stephen McGeagh


Heightened realism and urban paranoia combine in short sharp shocker from new writer to watch. Habit combines gritty realism with elements of pure horror, and even comedy, to tie readers to its characters. It therefore has cross-genre appeal to reach a wider general readership.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

He Wants (ePub version), Alison Moore


Lewis Sullivan, an RE teacher at a secondary school, is approaching retirement when he wonders for the first time whether he ought to have chosen a more dramatic career. He lives in a village in the Midlands, less than a mile from the house in which he grew up. He always imagined living by the sea. His grown-up daughter visits every day, bringing soup. He does not want soup. He frequents his second-favourite pub, where he can get half a shandy, a speciality sausage and a bit of company.

But when an unusual childhood friend appears on the scene, Lewis finds his life and comfortable routine shaken up.

Price: £7.49 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)
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