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A Bridge Dead in the Water, James Thomas Stevens


This collection by Mohawk poet, James Thomas Stevens explores the effects of colonization on either side of the Bering Strait – China and North America. Three long poems focus on mapping, post-colonial emergencies and propoganda, while the short poems are personal experiences in China and Native America.
Price: £9.99 (£9.99 Inc. VAT)

A Brief History of Time, Shaindel Beers


A Brief History of Time is at once an exploration of what it is to grow up in rural America and a treatise for social justice. These poems, many of them award-winning, span a wide range of styles—from plainsong free verse to sestinas to nearly epic works.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

A Fold in the Map, Isobel Dixon


A Fold in the Map charts two very different voyages: a tracing of the dislocations of leaving one’s native country, and a searching exploration of grief at a father’s final painful journey. These poems of accessible contemporary lyricism will speak memorably to travellers, lovers, and all those who mourn.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

A Leaf About to Fall, ?lhan Berk & George Messo


?lhan Berk has been called a literary Midas: everything he touches turns to poems. A Leaf About To Fall: Selected Poems shows us, for the first time in English, the full linguistic range and imaginative power of Turkey’s greatest experimental poet. With over 200 poems drawn from more than half a century of work, A Leaf About To Fall offers a unique and indispensable portal into the world of ?lhan Berk.
Price: £10.99 (£10.99 Inc. VAT)

A Lost Expression, Luke Kennard


Fourth collection from award-winning poet Luke Kennard departs from previous outings in its scale and range while retaining his trademark wit and humour.
Price: £12.99 (£12.99 Inc. VAT)
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A Season of Small Insanities, Andrea Porter


These poems introduce voices that clamour to be heard. The language is vibrantly now, the context the everyday but at times things are a little skewed, as if something slightly odd has been glimpsed out of the corner of the eye. The poet inhabits a world where angels comment on tea towels in a gift shop, Medusa travels on the train, Emily Dickinson waits for a phone call, a woman has dinner with Goya’s polished skull. However reality is brought sharply into focus by the trafficked east European girl, the Zimbabwean immigrant woman, the carer, the sex chat line worker, the people in the all night petrol station.
Price: £8.99 (£8.99 Inc. VAT)

A View of Buildings and Water, Geoffrey O’Brien


This title collects poems from the last half-decade, ranging from a monologue from an unmade film noir to a sonic sculpture where sense is driven by sound. The narratives take their form from the myth-making of ordinary life, partly found and partly invented out of which we try to forge a connection between what has vanished and what is yet to come.
Price: £9.99 (£9.99 Inc. VAT)

a.m., Michael Ayres


a.m. achieves something remarkable: a state of calm that is a sublimated urgency, a meditation on distance that is a prerequisite for human relations. Mandelstam claimed ‘To read Pasternak’s poetry … is to … fortify your breathing, to fill your lungs; surely such poetry could provide a cure for tuberculosis’. Ayres sets his sights on the common cold.
Price: £14.99 (£14.99 Inc. VAT)

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