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Doppler Effect,

John Kinsella & Marjorie Perloff

Doppler Effect, John Kinsella & Marjorie Perloff


Publication Date: 01-Sep-04 | ISBN: 1844710203 | Trim Size: 216 x 140 mm | Extent: 448pp


SHORTLISTED FOR THE NSW PREMIER’S AWARD AND THE VICTORIAN PREMIER’S AWARD. This new selection of John Kinsella’s innovative poetry gathers work from over fifteen years. Including seminal works like Syzygy and Erratum/Frame(d) as well as more fugitive publications like The Radnoti Poems and The Benefaction, this is a key title for anyone wanting to understand the breadth of Kinsella’s poetic vision.

Table Of Contents

SYZYGY; RED SHIFT / BLUE SHIFT; The Wanderers; The Doppler Effect And The Australian Pastoral; Terraforming; Emending context flashfloods; ICons: ab-sence; Sparklers, Hawks, & Electric Trains; The Bridge Twists Like a Möbius Strip: A Lyric; Tide Table; I-deletion in the avant-garde space; polytype; in-discrete-harmonics; Inwards: the weather; hydrography; Natural Objects; The Flowering; A Small Tornado; Unabridged; Veracity; {}; The Mouth Ulcer or An Ode To Subordinate Clauses; The Dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral; ERRATUM/FRAME(D); Prologue; Erratum; anticlines: halus and kasar; Every now & again thoughts of Bombay enter the heads of those in Bangalore; Self-Portrait Without Glasses; Poem As A Room; A (C)ode for Simon Templar; Beyond W. Eugene’s Photographic Essay: “Life Without Germs” (Life, September 26, 1949); harbour, god ode; From Westminster Bridge: The Thames &:; red sonnet & I; Visionary Dreariness; Velcro (R); Night Seeding & Notions of Property; Ornithology ; Skeleton weed / generative grammar; Ruse; UR-US; Graphing The Tremors Of Narrative; Placebo; Starting With Delmore Schwartz’s “The Self Unsatisfied Runs Everywhere” A Precursor To Syzygy; Syzygy re:prise; Tarot; Frame(d); Appendices; THE RADNOTI POEMS; Eclogue On An Aerial Photograph; Field Glasses; Bluff Knoll Sublimity; Aspects Of The Pagan; Akbar; Stone Midden; Of Writing At Wheatlands; Calendar: a continuous narrative; The Rust Eclogues: Radnoti, Poetry, and The Strains of Appropriation; Empire and Roundhouse; A Zone Essay On Prohibition and Purity; Poems Without Radnoti; Radnoti Quarantine: Razglednicas; THE BENEFACTION; Prologue; Passage One; Passage Two; Passage Three; Epilogue; GRAPHOLOGY (PROTOTYPE); Graphology: Canto 1; Graphology: Canto 2; Graphology: Canto 3; Graphology: Canto 4; Graphology: Canto 5; Graphology: Canto 6; Graphology: Canto 7; Graphology: Canto 8; Graphology: Canto 9; Graphology: Canto 10; SHEEP DIP; ANNOTATIONS; Annotations; PRESSURE SUITE TILDE; Pressure suit tilde notation; Influences; Marginalia; “The rancid power of the continuum”; Breathers; Honest, Theocritus!; Stain or Resonance in The Curve: A Hymn; Naff or Language signifiers are fucking boring (lyric overlay for Beastie Boys number); re – meta – cascando or The First Anniversary; ALTERITY; from THE ECHIDNA PROJECT; Echidna; Amnesty Echidna Manifesto; Quill; Odour; Echidna Photomontage; THE CARS THAT ATE PARIS: A ROMANCE; RECENT POEMS; Transgenic Pig Ode; Seed Ethics; Graphology 8 – speech training and transcription; Graphology 9 – a declaration andthe paper it is printed on; Graphology 11; I unsubscribe; why write no poetry more; & Succor; On the Absence of the Actual: Four Manifestations; loy polloi love song; Me: Down the Street, in the Park, 2000; Confessional without a tune; Antidote; Dark Eclipse

Praise For This Book

“In Kinsella’s poetry, it is precisely any settled difference between “traditional” and “experimental” that has collapsed. All poetic forms have become equally available for “experiment” to the extent that they can be tested for new soundings, new possibilities for meaning and its loss.” —Mark Wallace Tinfish


“John Kinsella … frequently makes me think of John Ashbery: improbable fecundity, eclecticism, and a stand that fuses populism and elitism in poetic audience … We are poised before the onset of what I prophesy will be a major art.” —Harold Bloom


“Kinsella’s poems are a very rare feat: they are narratives of feeling. Vivid sight – of landscapes, of animals, of human forms in distant light – becomes insight. There is, often, the shock of the new. But somehow awaited, even familiar. Which is the homecoming a a true poet.” —George Steiner


“John Kinsella’s is a public voice, for the past decade one of the most consistently restless and intelligent in Australian poetry. Doppler Effect collects work published in small presses since 1993. The substantial selection of new work considered by the judges demonstrates a continuing engagement with the vertiginous qualities of contemporary experience. These are eloquent and inventive explorations of meaning by a widely-read poet – often, indeed, linguistic experiments devised to interrogate a world of genetic experimentation, virtual reality and environmental degradation. At his best, Kinsella’s poems crack and fizz with fractured energy.” —Judith Rodriguez (Convenor), Alison Croggon and Rodney Hall The CJ Dennis Prize for Poetry: Shortlist 2005


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Biographical Note:

John Kinsella is the author of over twenty books, including The Hunt (Bloodaxe, 1998) The Undertow: New & Selected Poems (Arc, UK), Visitants (Bloodaxe, 1999), and Wheatlands (2000). He is editor of the literary journal Salt, consultant editor of Westerly, and international editor of The Kenyon Review. He is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, Adjunct Professor to Edith Cowan University, Western Australia, and the 2001 Richard L. Thomas Professor of Writing at Kenyon College.

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