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Salt was founded in Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, in 1999 and has operated continuously from that year. Since the beginning of the new millennium, we have published nearly 1,000 books in the UK and sold them internationally.

From the start, Salt has published in a wide range of genres: from literary biography and memoir, to plays, poetry, short stories, theatre studies, literary studies, cultural and landscape studies, companions, monographs and writer’s guides, as well as our core publishing activity in fiction.

In addition to these lists, we have developed a poetry translations series, a children’s poetry list and our Earthworks series — focused on the poetry and fiction of indigenous peoples as well as the poetry of Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world.

In 2011, Salt started commissioning crime fiction and, through our Proxima imprint, began publishing science fiction and fantasy books, further broadening the range of the publishing business.

Today, Salt is a privately-owned British company, with editors in the USA, Australia and the UK; a trade publishing business, proudly independent, committed to producing important, beautiful, readable, literary works.

Our commissioning editors are key to our ongoing success as a press: experts in their field — and often leading writers, translators and teachers themselves — they actively seek out talent that is capable of exciting and connecting with wide, informed and passionate readerships — Salt endeavours to directly connect with these communities of readers through all forms of social media, as well as at a wide range of international events — including many literary festivals.

Salt now has its main registered business address in Cromer, England. The senior management team is based around the UK in Barnsley, Cromer and Milton Keynes — meeting several times a year to develop strategy and to plan innovations in a fast-changing publishing world.


Publishing Activity

Salt now publishes around thirty new books per year. Over 80% of our revenue is made from our fiction list, the rest is divided between our poetry publishing and our non-fiction titles.

Just over a quarter of our total income is now derived from our anthology publishing, centred on The Best British Short Stories and The Best British Poetry. Salt is expanding this series of Best Ofs to include The Best British Fantasy in 2013. This new list has already brought Salt international attention and has led to the company working with some of the most important British authors writing today. We are expanding this publishing with further important anthologies each season.

Whatever we publish, we are informed by three over-arching principles:

  • To meet the needs of readers and to build new audiences.
  • To have the highest design and production standards for product in all media.
  • To support the best new fiction (wherever it is found) from the most important writers working today.


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